My Lace Baby Booties Pattern II

February 24th, 2007

Lace Baby Booties II

                                                         by Heavenlybabies

These Baby Booties match the Sirdar Bonnet #3009

Sizes: preemie (3-6 months)
Yarn: 4-ply worsted weight
Needles: 5


yo yarn over (wrap yarn around needle counter-clockwise)

rep repeat

inc increase by knitting in front and back of stitch

psso pass slip stitch over

tog together


CO 19(27) sts and work as follows:

Row 1: Alternate Rows: knit

Row 2:*k1, inc1, k6(10), inc1* twice, k1.

Row 4: *k1, inc1, k8(12), inc1* twice, k1.

Row 6:*k1, inc1, k10(14), inc1* twice, k1.

Row 8: *k1, inc1, k12(16), inc1* twice, k1.(35/43 sts)

Row 10: (3-6 mo. size only) *k1, inc1, k18, inc1* twice, k1. (47 sts)


(Preemie size) Rows 9-14: knit

(3-6 mo. size) Rows 11-19: knit

Shape top of Foot:

Row 1: k21(28), s1, k1, psso, turn.

Row 2: s1, p7(9), p2tog, turn.

Row 3: s1, k7(9), s1, k1, psso, turn.

Rows 4-11(4-13): work Rows 2 & 3 four(five) times

Next Row: s1, p7(9), p2tog, turn.

Next row: s1, k15(21).

Next Row: purl across all sts.

Next Row: knit, (preemie size: inc 2 sts evenly (25/33 sts)

Next Row: purl

Eyelet Row: * k1, yo, k2tog* to end. (preemie size only: end with k1)

Next Row: purl.


Row 1: Knit (3-6 mo. size: inc 2 sts evenly) (25/35 sts)

Row 2: (preemie size only: p2, k1, p5, k1, p9, k1, p6); (3-6 mo. size only: p2, *k1, p9* rep from * to last 3 sts, k1, p2.)

Row 3: k11(6), * k2tog, yo, k8, rep from * last (4/9) sts, (preemie size: k4); (3-6 mo. size: k2tog yo, k7)

Row 4: Rep Row 2

Row 5: K10(5), * k2tog, yo, k1, yo, sl1, k1, psso, k5, rep from * to last 10 sts, (preemie size: k5); (3-6 mo. size: k2tog, yo, sl1, k1, psso, k5)

Row 6: Rep Row 2

Row 7: Rep Row 3

Row 8: Rep Row 2

Row 9: knit

Row 10: Rep Row 2

Do not bind off. Cut yarn.

Lace Edging: (on separate needles) Cast on 6 sts.

Row 1: k1,yo,yo, k2tog, yo, yo, k2tog, k1. (8 sts)

Row 2: k3, p1, k2, p1, k1.

Row 3: k3, yo, yo, k2tog, yo, yo, k2tog, k1. (10 sts)

Row 4: k3, p1, k2, p1, k3.

Row 5: k5, yo, yo, k2tog, yo, yo, k2tog k1. (12 sts)

Row 6: k3, p1, k2, p1, k5.

Row 7: k12.

Row 8: Cast off 6 sts, k5. Cut yarn and slide stitches to the end of the needle.

From 1st to 8th row sets pattern.
Rep pattern 3 more times, each time sliding remaining six stitches to the end of the needle, in order to have room on the needle to cast on the next six stitches to repeat pattern.

DO NOT cut yarn on fourth repeat after Row 8 is finished.

There now will be four sets of lace edging pieces on the left needle (24 sts.)

With working yarn from the last completed edging piece, bind off all stitches on the needle. DO NOT cut yarn. Now all lace pieces are connected and ready to be grafted to the cuff.

* Click on link for my four video tutorial series on making lace pieces:


Place the lace edge on the top of bootie cuff and line up the lace edge bound off stitches to the bootie stitches on needle. Use one of the two following methods to graft pieces together evenly across:
1. Using a crochet hook (D or F), insert hook into first stitch of lace edge and first stitch on needle, yarn over and draw through both stitches, place that stitch on a new knitting needle (size 5). 
2. Knit the pieces together: insert the right needle into the first stitch from lace edge and the first stitch from the bootie cuff and knit the stitches together; continue across until all stitches are grafted.

Next two Rows: k1, p1 ribbing across.

Bind off loosely in pattern, leaving a tail to seam bootie. After seaming, thread 1/4″ ribbon through eyelets, and tie a bow.

© Heavenlybabies, February 2007

This pattern is an original design created and owned by Heavenlybabies and is protected by copyright. Please do not post it to any other site or claim it as your own. Please do not make alterations to the pattern, rename it and claim it as your own.You may link back to this page to share the pattern with others. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at my Ravelry page: Heavenlybabies.

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