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New project

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Began my next project! This blouse is a commission project…my friend’s co-worker saw my latest crocheted halters and asked me to make her a top. I found this pattern a while back on someone’s blog, and showed it to her and she loved it.

This pattern calls for crochet thread and a 1.75 mm hook! (steel hook size 6) Ouch! After using a size E and F on the previous projects, this small hook makes for tedious work! I chose “Aunt Lydia’s” crochet thread size 10. I am using two strands of it to meet the gauge required. The pattern begins at the neck and it’s a really simple pattern. The color is creme, and so far, it looks lovely!

Crocheted blouse

The Original

karen's crocheted top


Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

The following photos are ‘Inspiration Projects’, mainly for my friends and relatives that haven’t yet decided which top they want me to make for them.

VK Crochet top

teal halter.7

karen's crocheted top

russian crochet top

avalon top by doris chan

knitting studio top

16- Bolero en Seda (1)

Finished with Halter Top #2

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

I love this crocheted halter #2 for the Summer! It was so easy: just 9 motifs joined together as each was worked up, and then three half motifs on each side. The bottom lace piece was just that….a ‘piece’ of cake. I would have been done with it sooner, but I squeezed in another project that I did as a birthday gift for someone dear to me.

Now, as you see, I lined the back of it and, as you see, I am not a seamstress! I did it by hand and it simply ‘will do’ and serves its purpose. Lol!

I have two friends who want me to make them crocheted tops, so I’ll have to get back to making more for me afterwards.

* Pattern: Etsy Member: Emel Alieva * Yarn: Omega Sinfonia Cotton * Hook: F


teal halter.5

teal halter.6

Halter Top

Almost finished!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I’m almost finished with the second halter top. I still need to make the string ties; make a crocheted edging along the sides; line it with the fabric and block it. I’m getting excited! (The color in this photo is a little off. It really is more of a teal.)

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I only have 3 more half-motifs to do and attach before the lace edging on my next halter top. There are so many loose strands to weave in already, that I’m starting to get antsy! I found the perfect cotton material to line it with! I love this color.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

So I wore my crocheted top while on vacation and it was a comfortable fit! I can’t wait to make more tops.

Crocheted Halter Top

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Just finished this summer halter top to take with me on an upcoming vacation to a beach resort. So happy with the way it turned out! I got the pattern from “Petrakot” on I made a few changes to the pattern:

1. I changed the tie strings and attached them to the back piece, then brought them forward, looping them through the top of the bra, and tied them in a bow behind my neck. Note: I added beads on the end of the ties.

2. I also made this a flat piece instead of in-the-round, and just sewed the back together a little at the top so it opens at the bottom to avoid a tight fit.

3. I preferred a different edge around the bra top. I found this one from another pattern.

I love this top and used every inch of the four 50gr. balls that I had in my stash. Five balls would have been ideal, but I couldn’t find a fifth ball anywhere! I have already started my second halter top, because I need something to do on the airplane ride. The second one is so cute and perfect for the beach!

Pattern * Yarn: * Millefini Fine by Filatura di Crosa * Hooks: C & D

Crocheted Orange Halter

Crocheted Orange Halter

Crocheted Orange Halter

The Original


Halter top

Halter Top


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