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Progress on Cabled Socks

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

I have completed about 4 1/2 inches on the cuffs of the Cabled Socks. It’s slow going since I’m knitting both socks at the same time. I plan to make 5 or 6 inch cuffs, and then the fun begins when I try and figure out how to construct the heel with two socks on the cable! Maybe I’ll have to remove one sock from the magic loop and work each separately. I don’t know, this is my first time knitting two at a time cuff-down.

Two Socks – – Cuff Down

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

Yes, I’ve started another pair of socks! My pumpkin orange socks (toe up) are still on hold! These socks are cuff-down and I’m using KnitPicks Sock Landscape (color: Red Wood Forest) with a size 2 needle (40 inch long.) I’m using the ‘basic cabled socks’ pattern by brainylady. Can you see the cable band on the right cuff in the photo? Can you also see that although each ball is supposed to be 50g and 192 yds. they are not equal in size? Hmmmm.

By the way, this ‘sock landscape’ yarn (100% merino wool) feels just as soft and comfy as their ‘sock garden’ yarn (also 100% merino wool.) The sock yarn by KnitPicks that fails in my book is the ‘essential’ wool yarn, it is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. OMG, I made a swatch out of that yarn and it felt like a brillo pad! I packaged up all 12 balls and mailed it back for a refund!

I finished my LB mohair scarf, and it is ready for blocking & beading. I’ll post a photo as soon as it comes off of the board.

Finished KnitPicks Socks

Monday, October 31st, 2005

Another pair finished! Just call me “Santa’s Little Helper.”  My goal is to make as many Christmas gifts as time will allow. I have more KnitPicks sock yarn in several different colors yet to knit up. I want to use a different pattern for each pair of socks; maybe that will prevent boredom. I also plan to try knitting two socks at once on the magic loop – – toe-up, no less (which I’ve never tried.) We’ll see how successful I am! So I’ve been surfing and perusing my many books for patterns, and I’ve chosen to make the “Go Team Go ” socks by Soxie. Wish me luck.

Sock Progress

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Progress on the KnitPick socks…….. I had hoped to be near finished by now, but life keeps getting in the way! Maybe if I blog- surfed less, I could get more done…….. you think?

KnitPicks WIP

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

One sock finished, one to go. As you can see, I decided to use the lace pattern for just the cuff and not carry it down the instep (I thought it would look too fussy.) I like the outcome, and I’m trying to race through this second sock, because I can’t wait to start a third pair! I want to try knitting two socks at once on the magic loop. I thought I would need two skeins for one pair, but as you can see, there was a lot left over after completing only the first sock. Granted, I made only a 4 inch cuff, but maybe I’ll be able to knit another pair with the rest. Anyway, although this yarn is soft and yummy, I came across some inconsistencies with the yarn thickness and one graft knot. But it’s not enough to deter me from using this yarn again.

Progress: Knit Picks Socks

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

This is my progress so far on my next pair of socks. This time I’m using KnitPicks sock yarn in the color: Geranium. This yarn is 100% merino wool and it is sooooo soft! I’m using a size 2 cable needle (magic loop) and a free pattern called, “Karen’s Lace Socks.” The pattern is very easy to follow and so far I like the lacey look. (Click photo for a close-up)

Magic Loop Socks………finished!

Monday, October 17th, 2005

Pattern:'Simple Socks' Yarn:Cherry Tree Hill "Tropical Storm" Needles:2

Whoa, the magic loop socks are finally finished! I frogged the first attempt to make it smaller and to carry the ribbing onto the instep for a more snug fit. I used the “simple sock” pattern from the book, “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles.” Anyway, I love them and the magic loop technique. (Another tutorial source can be found here.) I’ve started another pair, this time using Knit Picks sock yarn in the colorway: Geranium.


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