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Cabled Baby Vest and Pacifier Clips

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

This is the Twin Boy project that matches the Twin Girl crocheted lavender set in the previous post. This pattern is my first Debbie Bliss Magazine project. It was easy enough and I love the stitch pattern – – I think it’s very classy. I wondered though it there was a typo in the pattern on the ‘Back Increase Row’, but I didn’t find any errata information online. At the end of this increase row, it states there should be 82 sts on the needle, but I only had 80 sts. However, on the following row the stitch pattern worked out just fine…, maybe there was a typo? I used Lily Sugar Babies cotton from my stash, but this yarn has now been discontinued. I think a good substitute would be Cotton Ease.

Pattern: Cabled Slipover by Debbie Bliss * Yarn: Lily Sugar Babies * Needles: 3,4

Debbie Bliss Cabled Slipover

Debbie Bliss Cabled Slipover

Debbie Bliss Cabled Slipover

I also made these really cute pacifier clips for the twins. I bought the book, “Itty-Bitty Nursery” by Susan B. Anderson specifically for these pacifier clips. I made both of them in one night! (Susan offers the flower pacifier pattern free.) The pattern called for sewing the pacifier pieces onto the the holder, but I used snaps on both ends so that mom can clean and switch out the plastic pieces if necessary. There is also a cute frog clip pattern in the book that I must make one day. On a scale of one to ten, these score a ten in my book! Tomorrow I will gift the lavender crocheted set, the vest and these clips to the new mom. One day I hope to receive a photo of those sweet babies in their outfits.

Pattern: Pacifier Clips: “Itty-Bitty Nursery” * Yarn: Cotton Ease * Needles:5

Itty-Bitty Pacifier Clips

Itty-Bitty Pacifier Clips

Itty-Bitty Pacifier Clips

Progress…and a new Project

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Well……I have one baby gift on the blocking board, ready for assembly, and the beginnings of a new project. These two projects will be for twins, a boy and a girl. The vest is a pattern from the latest Debbie Bliss magazine (Spring/Summer ’09). I wonder if there is a typo in this pattern, because on the ‘back: increase row’, I only got 80 sts after increasing, instead of the 82 stated in the pattern. I searched online for errata, but found none. As I continue working the pattern it seems to work with my 80 sts…..maybe it is a typo.

Since these two gifts are for twins, I wanted them to sort of match, so I used the color lilac in one of the stripes in the vest for the little boy. I’m using yarn from my stash so this vest is a hodge-podge of different yarns. The main body color (white) is Lily Sugar Babies cotton, of which is not even made any more, according to a friend. The blue is an unknown cotton – – somehow the label got lost, and the lilac is a wool/cotton blend by Debbie Bliss.

Oh, btw, I finished the baby girl crocheted hat and it came out so cute! This week I hope to sew up the pieces and have that photo posted by the weekend. Initially I thought I had just three baby gifts to make, but I got a request for two pairs of crocheted booties, so I’ll begin those after the knitted vest is complete!

Crocheted Baby Sweater

Baby Cabled Slipover Baby Cabled Slipover

Progress on Baby Gifts and a F.O. Photo Shoot

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

I’ve been busy! There are too many babies on the way for me to be idle! First, the crocheted baby sweater and hat set came to a screeching halt because I ran out of yarn!!!!! I had enough according to the instructions…..but I guess my gauge was different and this photo shows how far I got before I ran out. I only had half of the hat to complete! Now, the problem with running out of yarn, as you know, is the dreaded task of finding yarn with a similar dye lot. Ugh!! I hit five, yes I said five, Hobby Lobby stores in one afternoon in search of the color lilac. None of the stores had lilac…..must be a seasonal color. So, I got online and ordered two balls from, but I had the foresight to request two different dye lots so I could try and match the better one with the existing yarn. Meanwhile…..I began another baby project: a monkey!


The mother-to-be told me that her nursery theme was monkeys and the colors sage green and light blue. So I searched my books and Ravelry for a monkey pattern. I found one that I liked in a book I had in my collection: “Knitted Toys” by Fiona McTague. I was then pleasantly surprised to find that others have made this monkey on Ravelry. Now I needed yarn, and since this year is all about using up stash yarn, I dug out a variegated brown yarn to use as the main color: Bernat DenimStyle in the color ‘Rodeo Tan.’ It is an acrylic and cotton blend. The contrasting color is Passport Yarn: London in color # 507.731. It is a wool, acrylic and viscose blend. Both yarns are machine washable.

I have completed all of the pieces and helped myself out in the long run by knitting as many of the pieces that I could in the round to save time. Now all I have to do is weave in the millions of strands, assemble, stuff and embroider. Oh! I plan to make a little sweater for the monkey using the nursery colors in Rowan All Seasons cotton (I have one of the colors in my stash). Since the mom has already named the baby, I will put his initials on the little sweater. Wish me luck – the baby shower is Thursday next week!

Knit Monkey

Bernat DenimSytle & Passport Yarn Co.

Lastly, remember the Ravelympics Project that I did? Today I wore it for the first time and took a few pics. It definitely looks better ‘on.’ Can you believe that I didn’t even block this top? I think it looks pretty good without blocking…and I block everything! Anyway, it fits nice and I like the way it turned out.

Pineapple Pullover

Pineapple Pullover

Pattern: Pineapple Pullover by Diakeito

Yarn: GGH Bouino

Hook: size F

First Projects of 2009

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

I’ve begun my first projects of the new year. One is a knitted project, and the other a crocheted one. One is made with 100% alpaca for winter, and the other is 100% cotton for summer. The first is the Rosebud Neckwarmer and will be a birthday present for a friend. The yarn I’m using is Grignasco Top Print 100% Alpaca from my stash with size 4 needles, and it feels soft, fuzzy and sure to give warmth. This is a short, cute little neckwarmer, approximately 24″ long. As you can see, an (invisible) provisional cast-on method was called for because this neckwarmer is made in two pieces and in the end, grafted together. I found a how-to video for this cast-on at

Also, I plan to make the Mrs. Beetons wristwarmers to match. I’ve had this pattern on my “to do” list for a long time, and I think this yarn will be beautiful for it, even if I have to use it double-stranded.

Rosebud Neckwarmer

File Photo: Rosebud Neckwarmer mrs. beeton's wristwarmers

File Photos

The photo below will be a crocheted lace shrug for my daughter to be worn with the V. Secret knock-off dress. I struggled with which yarn and pattern to use for this shrug, and I certainly didn’t want to use that nylon thread again(!), so I chose the Omega Sinfonia 100% cotton from my stash and a size E crochet hook. The lace pattern was taken from a Keitodama pattern magazine. So with her measurements taken, I’m winging this from previous simple shrugs I’ve seen on the internet. I found a scalloped lace edge pattern to use around the neckline, so stay tuned. WAIT! Didn’t I say in my previous post that I was going to use a pattern for this shrug and not go through the anguish of designing something so soon after the V.Secret dress??? Gee, how soon we forget……

Black Shrug

What I’ve been up to……

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Wow! The Democratic Convention in Denver left me speechless!! What a celebration. As history was being made, I had goose-bumps. At the end, I had tears. It was a convention like no other, with a presidential candidate like no other. I’m hoping the election will reveal results like none other – – our first African American president!

As I write, I’m very thankful that Hurricane Gustav did not do damage to New Orleans as Katrina did. Folks, the evacuation effort and the preparation for Gustav is clearly how things should have been executed for Hurricane Katrina! Hats off to everyone that was involved.

I attended a “Mystery Knitting Afternoon” at Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe, one of our lys. One of the mystery projects was a little cosmetic bag with a circular flap that folds over the bag and is then attached with a button. Well…… I made the circular flap, and had a brain storm! This would make a perfect little coaster for my desk! So, with the suede yarn and turquoise colored scrap yarn, here is my coaster (which I set inside an old coaster). One of these days I’ll make the little cosmetic bag, it would be a great holiday present.

Crocheted Coaster

Crocheted Coaster

Over this long weekend, I decided to de-stash some yarn and donate it to a group of ladies that knit and crochet baby and holiday gifts at Pyle Adult Recreation Center in Tempe, AR. I usually do this once a year or so. What I love is that their internet advertisement requested acrylic yarn! And yes, I still had some of that in my stash, so I was happy to oblige them. Here is the box of yarn on its way to Tempe:

Charity Donation

My current WIP is a baby gift. Surprised?! This little sweater was hanging up in my lys and I fell in love with it. The pattern is called “Giraffe” by Nashua Zoo, the Spring/Summer 2007 issue. I am using my favorite cotton yarn: Omega Sinfonia, color #5505 (citrus green) and needles size 4.

Giraffe Sweater

This is what it will look like once finished. Can you see the lazy daisy stitched flowers with the eyelets as the center? (click image to enlarge)

'Giraffe' Sweater by Nashua Zoo

Spring Knitty ’08 Contest

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The Spring Knitty 2008 is up! But more exciting, Knitty is celebrating its 50 millionth visitor achievement by holding a contest out of this world! There are prizes upon prizes for the winner, which will be chosen by a random draw from their mailing list. So, if you are not on the newsletter mailing list, get on it ASAP! Here’s the link to the prizes being awarded.

< Spring Knitty 2008

Baby “Sweater with Star”

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Finally, the ‘election year’ baby sweater set is completed. In the end, I made two hats, since the first attempt was a little too large. This set will be gifted to a fellow volunteer I work with at a pregnancy center where I do volunteer sonograms for expectant moms. This is her first grandbaby, and I thought this sweater would come in handy later in the year since the family lives in the northwest. The only modification was adding the buttonhole band on one shoulder for ease in putting this over his head. Check out the star-shaped buttons. The yarn is washable and from my stash, except to buy an additional skein for the hat snafoo.

Pattern: ‘Sweater with Star’ from Sandnes Mandarin Petit #0407

Yarn: Red Heart Sport Acrylic

Needles: size 4 & 6

'Sweater with Star'

'Sweater with Star' hats (med & large)

'Sweater with Star' buttons

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