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Friday, April 4th, 2008

Update: I have finished the navy baby sweater with the American flag theme, but before I post a photo of it, I want to finish the hat. As far as the gift for my niece’s graduation, I think I’ve changed my mind! I found a very cute pattern for a bolero that would look so cute on her slender, little body. One catch – – the pattern is written in Spanish – – so, I’ve spent all day trying to convert it to English! I’ll begin it after finishing up the baby boy hat. Here’s a photo of the bolero:

Bolero Color Crudo.solocrochet

Guess what?! I bought a pattern from that is totally beautiful!! It is the Cecilia Chemise. OMG, I can’t wait to make it – – for ME! Although this is a crochet project, size 19 knitting needles are used in order to make the broomstick stitch. Is anyone feeling this with me? I love this top!

Cecilia Chemise by

I ordered this Vittadini kit for the “Nicole” top. I have been eyeing this top for a very long time and couldn’t resist any longer. The color I chose is a blue colorway and the yarn is very interesting with a bumpy, thick ‘n thin feel to it. Well, I as you can see I have a lot to keep me busy for awhile!

Vittadini 'Nicole'

vittadini nicole yarn

Whew…..Holiday Whirlwind

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Wow, these have been busy, busy, times!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  Our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were the best.  Family, food and gifts are a great combination!  Okay, here is the FBS and Vine Lace Hat that I have been working on, seems like Forever…..  I still have to block them, but I wanted to show you that at least they are completed.

I am now working on a cabled scarf using a wool and alpaca blend.  The yarn is from and is called “Peruvian Sierra Aran“, and I’m using size 8 needles as called for.  This pattern is from an old knitting book that I’ve had for ages: “Knitting Year Round” by Better Homes & Gardens, which can be purchased for $3 (used) from 

 I went to Cypress, CA (located between Los Angeles and San Diego) a couple of weeks ago on business, and yes, I got a chance to visit a great craft store called the “Tall Mouse Door.”  Cute name…..the place was hopping with customers!  I couldn’t resist the 20% store-wide discount and picked up these book and magazines.  The ‘Rebecca’ magazine has the “Pringle” look-a-like cabled sweater and the Norah Gaughn magazine has the “Jonna” scarf that I think is really cute.  Btw, L.A. is beautiful, but not good for my allergies!  The smog and smoke nearly did me in….

 “Jonna” by Norah Gaughn

These baby books have the cutest patterns!  I just couldn’t resist these……the Crochet book has this pattern for the flower bib that is adorable.  I couldn’t decide which book I liked better, so I bought the Knit one as well. 



Winter ’07 Knitty

Friday, December 7th, 2007

The Winter ’07 Knitty is available!  Go check it out. 

I like this scarf pattern.  The other patterns that caught my eye, are these three:


As an update on the EZ Feb.Sweater: I am on the last row of the sweater!  I am almost finished with it!  It has been a labor of love, because I have frogged as many rows as were kntted!  The lace pattern took me a minte to figure out, especially when it was time to incoporate the sleeves with the yolk.  I am gong to block it  and will soon post a photo if it.

I’m Here…….

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Hello everyone!  Just wanted you to know that I’m here and doing well – – just very, very busy with everything from reading a novel, seeing my son off to college, vacationing in Florida, buying a car, buying a new laptop, attending a church youth convention, getting my rental ready for a new tenant, and working 40 hours a week!   So you see, I’ve been so preoccupied, that I have found little time to blog. 

I am still working on the green bolero, I have completed seven squares and sewn them together.  I began the eighth one Wednesday night at my knitting group, “Chicks with Sticks” at the Bluebonnet Yarn Shop.  It was my first time out with the group in a very long time.  Of course it was fun, and also inspiring.  I picked up a Dale Baby pattern book and the yarn and pattern for a lace scarf project for a Christmas gift.  (Tomorrow I will try and post the photos of everything)

I joined the Vogue Knitting Silver Belle KAL, and hope to not be the last person to finish this project, as I have other things to make first.  A couple of gals on my job are expecting and due this Fall.  And then there are Christmas gifts to make!  So where has time gone??   

Vogue Knitting Fall 2007

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

The new Fall ’07 Vogue Knitting arrived in my mailbox yesterday!  Wow, it’s the ‘Silver Anniversary’ for Vogue, and this issue is packed with great articles, tributes, and free patterns available from all of the top design houses.  The patterns in this issue are simply ‘Vogue’, some are nice and some are over the top, but the magazine is a collector’s item – – it’s beautiful and has more content than regular issues.  There are nice scarf patterns, and the one on the cover is something I want to try.  The pattern technique is really cool, as each flower is knitted separately and then sewn together.   I can’t wait to try it.  Below is another great project I want to make, I’ve been eyeing similar patterns to this one on the internet for awhile!  Finally, I have a version that I like.  This is a free pattern offered by Debbie Bliss.

Back or Front?

Monday, April 9th, 2007

So far I have completed the back of the top with the crocheted neckline.   I am using a different yarn than called for in the pattern.  I also added a bowtie stitch at the hem to add some texture.    This is the back or the purl side, and I’m thinking I like the back better than the front!   I think the bowtie stitch has a more recognizable texture on the back side, and I think it’s because of the variegated yarn.  What do you think?  Check out some close-ups:



I ordered some Japanese knitting and crocheting magazines from Kpixie.   One is mostly baby patterns and the other has little bit of everything – – all are absolutely cute.   All of the patterns have charts, so I hope I can figure out the patterns.  I also found a few online Japanese to English knitting terms dictionary.   When I get around to making something from these books, I’m sure you will hear about it, because I might be crying out for help!



Check out blogger “Lily Go”

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

I just found a blogger named Lily Go that is not only a fabulous knitter & crocheter, but has written some awesome patterns as well!   My favorite, of which I ordered yesterday is the Sage Green Cardigan.   And I found this Shell Halter Top pattern featured on her website and ordered that one as well!



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