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Kennedy Funeral

Today I watched the funeral of Sen. Ted Kennedy and was quite moved. He was a man that gave so much for the cause of others, lived with such a purpose that all of us should adopt, and left a huge legacy for his heirs to be proud of. May God bless, strengthen and immobilize his family members he left behind to continue in his footsteps.

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I received my winning book, “Vogue Knitting 25th Anniversary” from Nik! Thank you, again, I love this book. It is a great source of history, techniques and interviews from the greatest designers in the industry. It will remain on my desk in my knitting room, because I just can’t see it sitting on a shelf!

Vogue Knitting 25th Anniversary

Progress on the ‘Meandering Vines’ shawl is going well. I have completed the fifth repeat out of seven for the first half, as this shawl is made in two pieces, and then grafted together. The pattern repeat is now memorized and flowing with more ease than in the beginning! I did go out and buy a longer (29-inch) cable needle to hold the stitches better, and have not had any ‘pop’ off the needles since.

For the new knitters looking at this photo, I know the shawl appears wrinkly and the stitches indistinct…… this is because it has not yet been soaked and pinned down to dry (wet-blocked). In the previous post, I stretched it out before snapping the photo to show the stitch detail a little better. But stay tuned…..the beauty of this shawl is still yet to be revealed!

Meandering Vines shawl

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